Remember Riki Rachtman?

Back in 1986, years before he was the infamous host of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, Riki Rachtman transformed a rundown Los Angeles disco into a one night-a-week dance club that would play nothing but rock music call The Cathouse.

Riki teamed up with Taime Downe, the singer of the rock band FASTER PUSSYCAT, little did they know it would become not only a part of rock history, but a music and fashion culture that defined The Los Angeles rock scene.

Burlesque videos graced the walls. Gorgeous women took over the dance floor and a plethora of rock legends like MÖTLEY CRÜE, AEROSMITH, MOTORHEAD began to make themselves Cathouse regulars. No cameras were allowed, making it safe for every A-lister because they knew no one would bother them.

Guns N' Roses made the Cathouse their home – they even played live at the 700-person capacity club one night prior to performing in front of 150,000 people at the Los Angeles Coliseum. 

From 1990-1995, Rachtman hosted MTV's heavy metal show Headbangers Ball (replacing Adam Curry) as a full-time VJ. His friend at the time, Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses, reportedly was instrumental in him getting the job at MTV.

Today, The Cathouse is a distant memory and Riki's into racing and of course rock DJing.


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