YEE HAW!! The Top 5 Most Delicious Cupcake Bakeries In Texas!

I love cupcakes, actually who doesn't? I've traveled practically all over the state of Texas and I've managed to try many bakeries that serve the best cupcakes around. Check out my favorite list!

5. Sprinkles, Dallas, TX

Sprinkles, Dallas, TX

This little shop features a wide variety of different types of cupcakes made from the finest ingredients, such as sweet cream butter, Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, fresh carrots and bananas, and real fruits like strawberries and natural citrus zests. Every Sprinkles cupcake is "sprinkled" with its trademark modern dots, chocolate sprinkles or seasonal sugar decorations, hence the name. Gluten-free patrons can indulge themselves with one of Sprinkles' most popular cupcakes, the gluten-free red velvet cupcake.

You can try their Sprinkled cupcakes at 4020 Villanova Dr. Dallas, TX 75334 or visit them online at

4. The Cupcake Cowgirls, Cypress, TX

The Cupcake Cowgirls, Cypress, TX

These girls make the very best Gluten Free chocolate cupcakes in the world. If you're ever in Cypress, Texas, stop by to try their Cookies & Cream cupcakes. They'll make your toes curl! You can map them at 10750 Barker Cypress Rd. Suite 112, Cypress TX  77433 or visit them online at

3. The Master's Place Cupcake Shop, El Paso, TX

The Master's Place Cupcake Shop, El Paso, TX

I found this place by random and I'm glad I did. As soon as I stepped in this establishment I was greeted and noticed how clean it was. I think it's great that they have mini and full sized cupcakes, ice cream, cold beverages and warm beverages. The price is definitely worth it.

I bought the six mini cupcakes and all of them tasted fresh and the flavor was on point. Can't wait to visit again!

You can try their amazing cupcakes at 1700 N Zaragoza Rd #151, El Paso, TX 79936 or visit them online at

2. TriniCakes Cupcakery, San Antonio, TX

TriniCakes Cupcakery, San Antonio, TX

TriniCakes Cupcakery in San Antonio, Texas bakes thoughtfully handcrafted with the customer in mind and they use the freshest ingredients. Ingredients like pure vanilla, seasonal organic fruits, natural citrus zests, farm fresh dairy, rich chocolate, and freshly shaved coconut. They bake the old traditional way making everything fresh from scratch throughout the day and without the use of preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or artificial dyes and flavors.

See their menu online at or stop by their location at  999 E. Basse Rd. Ste. 178 San Antonio, Texas 78209.

1. The Sweet Boutique Bakery, Sugar Land, TX

The Sweet Boutique Bakery, Sugar Land, TX

The cupcakes at The Sweet Boutique Bakery in Sugar Land, Texas offer the perfect balance of moistness and sweetness in every little bite. They bake their cupcakes using the finest ingredients and make them in small batches throughout the day so they are always fresh.

Theses cupcakes are a MUST TRY!

You can see their menu at or stop by their location at 2270 Lone Star Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479.


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