IKEA Launches Pet Furniture Collection and People Are Going Crazy!

We all love IKEA and now your pets will love it also! The ultimate comfort for your pets is here!

IKEA is the go to place for simple, inexpensive (sometimes), and awesome furniture and goodies for the home, but one thing that has been missing are items specifically designed towards your pets. Get ready, because the new pet collection will be available! 

That's right, your pets will now enjoy the comforts of IKEA with the new Lurvig collection. Don't know what Lurvig means? Yeah, neither did we, so we looked it up. Apparently "Lurvig" in swedish means "Shaggy/Hairy" (this is appropriate).

The new collection is currently released in stores across the United States, Canada, France, and Japan, and other stores are to release the collection from March 2018.

So it looks like you have some important shopping to do this weekend!


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