Possibly the Best Art App Now Exists. You're Welcome!

You ever see a piece of art you absolutely love but have no idea who the artist is or what the name of the painting or sculpture is? Well....the solution is here!

I for one love going to museums and sometimes you see a piece of art you like and want to know more about it, but the museum only provides so much information. Well, the geniuses behind Smartify have come up with the perfect solution to this problem.

Just like what Shazam did with music, Smartly is doing with art. With Shazam, you simply push the apps button so your device can hear the music that is being played, and the Shazam will tell you who the artist is and what song is being played. With Smartify, the app will tell you everything you want to know about the piece of art you are viewing.

The perfect app for art lovers is finally here.


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